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iCoolhunt is the first location-based social networking game in the intriguing world of coolhunting. Now it’s you who can determine what’s going to be cool – before everyone else.
In streets, bars, parks, museums, parties, shops, scout for whatever is creative and innovative.
iCoolhunt provides you with a mobile tool to catch your “prey”, to share them with your friends, and to challenge other players in chasing down the next big things.
As you climb up the leaderboard rankings, your cool discoveries will be visible among the top prey in the homescreen. You will not only establish yourself as a trustworthy social influencer, but you will contribute to the collective struggle for the evolution of taste. It’s easy, and it’s fun.


MUJI has launched their new innovative product line called “Playing with paper and LEGO“, a collaborative project between MUJI and LEGO. There are 4 sets, each includes 120 LEGO pieces and 10 sheets of coloured paper all contained in a box. You will need to get this special puncher to make the holes that matches with logo pieces. From:

Inner Message


From it’s now on sale Inner Message, a ring that leaves a message on your skin.

Design by Jungyun Yoon

Time Tuner

“A dose of minimalism and efforts for changing the perception is maybe the simplest definition for Time Tuner – the new generation clock design, developed by Antrepo Design Industry.”


Scented Time


Scented time is a clock based on the smell

Watches ignore our subjectivity and coldly mark time.

Each scented candle lasts twenty minutes and has a different scent, and before dying it gives its flame to the one that follows. Arranging the candles according to their scent and lighting the first one, we can decide, as in a ritual, when our time starts, imagine how long it lasts and be surprised by its end, all through the scents that mark the stages. In this way it’s possible to know how much time has passed by the scent in the room.

Smell is the most ancestral of our senses; smells are linked to our memories and the emotions that come withthem; to smell means to relive an emotion.

Durex poster competition

(Samuel Michael the winner)

Pillow Ring

Got a long boring meeting? Don’t get caught dozing empty handed, prepare yourself with this “Pilo Pilo” mini cushion ring from Downstairs Studio. This pillow ring lets you lean your face comfortably on a soft cushion instead of your hard, bony fingers.



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